Paper Artist



Mine is a paper story that unfolds across time and across continents. A story that began in the depth of my childhood and is carrying me since in mysterious directions to destinations always renewed. From as long as I can remember I have found comfort and inspiration in paper, books, brushes and pencils. This has carried me through my law studies, my professional and personal life, always nourished and expanded by my passion for art, creativity and the use of my hands. Until an encounter in Seoul with Korean Hanji paper and the East Asian papermaking tradition.

Life opened up for me. My artist-self, my crafter’s skills and my passion for paper met and found in one movement a medium of choice and a purpose. I discovered avenues of creativity I had never dreamed of unveiled by the sheer variety of paper uses developed since ancient times in the Far-East. Embraced in this paper culture, I saw colours, textures and properties of paper that I had never imagined. I was blown away by the possibility of using paper in architecture, in interior decoration, for every day utilitarian objects and in fashion. I marvelled at the age-old techniques that still allow for very contemporary expression and seized every opportunity to learn them. Thus in the same flow I made the transition from working on paper to working with paper, striving as always to bring beauty and functionality through my varied creations.

I am profoundly indebted to the Korean as well as Japanese and Chinese artists, artisans, master papermakers and craftsmen who have shown me the way over those years of my life spent in North East Asia and have introduced me to their paper culture, traditions and techniques. I hope to make them proud and worthy of the trust they have put in me in sharing their knowledge and to transmit through my work the same respect for nature, for art, and for man. Enhancing the utmost quality of paper, whatever its type or origin: that of being a medium for culture, beauty and understanding.


DSG_9378The deep link to nature and to humankind that handmade paper offers, being eco-friendly, patiently made from natural fibres, water and the sheer hard work of expert hands is bringing a dimension, a personal connection, to any work made with them that I find both humbling and uplifting and which matters enormously to me. I draw a lot of inspiration, especially now that I am back living in Europe, from the feeling of being part of an invisible chain of creation across time and continents, of being intangibly linked to all the artisans whose work is contributing to mine.

Using skills that have been transmitted to me and developing my own I create works that blend the artistic and the practical so as to reincorporate paper, a natural, ancient product, in our modern lives. Paper brings me peace, beauty, the pleasure of the softness to the touch and to the eyes, and connection with nature. All things that I would like to see more of in our world. Thus, blending art and artisanship, I create pieces such as light sculptures, wall art, and objets d’art, to add beauty to our everyday lives and bring back the pleasure of a natural connection to decorative items. But I confess that nothing touches me more than the beauty of light playing with paper and so I am particularly fond of creating lighting.

For me paper is a passion, handmade the essence of my work, and the human stories that constantly blend around the creation of a piece what makes it such a deep and enchanting experience.